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Surgicon 2012, International Tele-medicine Conference over PERN

Now for the first time Pakistan Education & Research Network (PERN) in joint collaboration with Society of Surgeons of Pakistan is extending a live Tele-health International Conference through its Videoconferencing Network spread across all public sector universities. Well known surgeons across the world will interactively participate with young medical students/practitioners in a live discussion over Tele-health after live surgeries from Holy Family Hospital Rawalpindi’s Operation Theater. The theme of the conference is “New Innovations & Multidisciplinary approach in Surgery”

Background & Rationale

In the year 2011, almost a year back, PERN had organized a telemedicine workshop with the Collaboration of Holy Family Hospital Rawalpindi Telemedicine Section. Participants of the workshop were from Pakistani public sector medical universities, medical young practitioners along with specialized surgeons across the country through HEC video conference network. In spite of its limitations, the workshop opened up a possibility of close and effective cooperation among clinicians in the region. It was clearly seen that with a better organization, the continued improvement in the information technology can make regular sharing of knowledge and skill among medical doctors a reality. Obviously, it will be for the benefit of sick people in the region.

The 2011 workshop, besides having meaningful discussions on real time surgical and clinical cases, also shared the experience gained in practicing e-health and tele-medicine across the Country. This probably was the first initiatives conducted over the PERN network in discussing real cases and all the participants felt that this needs to be continued. One of the expressions that were clear and loud at the workshop was "The role of PERN in the developing economy of Pakistan by extending Tele-Education across the Country" and that we have to join hands together.

During the workshop last year, we had partially deployed HD video technology. HD video technology along with online streaming service created a new avenue for clinical exchange and discussions among clinicians and the medical students. As we are exploring the tools which are less and less expensive, more and more accessible and more and more efficient, this will be the good solution for medical communities for promoting their medical consultation over its high speed PERN network. We need to further explore the possibility of using HD Communicational Technology and other such technology to a larger extent.


Surgicon 2012, International tele-medicine conference contains two parts. In its first part, live surgeries from the Operation Theater of Holy Family Hospital Rawalpindi will be relayed to all international networks as well as to the medical institutes/universities and hospital’s practitioners whereas in its second part, international speakers will physically as well as virtually join in the conference debate for the usage and effectiveness of Tele-medicine along with its future aspect in the Country like Pakistan.

● Sharing of Clinical Cases - that pose challenges in diagnosis and choice of treatment and/or are of  significant educational importance - among experts of participating countries ;

●Enhancing collaboration and cooperation among PERN and its member networks for partnership in health care;
● Use of Educational Research Network by extending PERN and hand shake of its member Networks.

● Utilizing the existing Higher Education Video Conference Network for the use of Tele-Medicine in the 

Expected Results

Surgicon 2012 will be relayed through HEC Interactive video conference network and will evaluate the use of Interactive HD Video Streaming applications in video conferencing among health professionals and bring the latter together in the region for further cooperation. Following will be the specific results of the conference:
● Further strengthen the possibility of Surgicon 2012 through larger participation among health     
professionals especially the medical doctors from different countries
● Deploy and demonstrate HD video streaming over PERN network as a cost effective, accessible and efficient 
solution to stream the regular event over the network
● Stimulate existing relation and cooperation and make basic platform for collaboration on medical 
sector among the PERN and its member Networks.

Target Audience

● Medical practitioner, doctors and surgeons;
● Students of health sciences, information technology and medical engineering;
● Network administrator and IT professionals working on the area of video conference and 


The conference is open for all PERN members in two way mode, depending on your convenience
● Physical Participation - You are welcome to join if located at one of the mentioned locations.
● Virtual Participation - Through HEC Video Conference Network available at all Public Sector Universities or You can also be bridge up through your Laptop by having appropriate internet facility.

Registration Fee

For Physical: - PKR. 5000 (Serena Hotel Islamabad)

For Virtual:- Free of Cost (From HEC video conference network available at all Universities, HEC Regional 
Office Video Conference Room)

Registration Now

Limited seats are available through video conference however conference certificates will be given to only registered participants at


Participating Institutes and Contacts





· Connect Asia, UNESCO Jakarta

· All Pakistani Medical Universities

· Open to Join through IP Based Video Conference over PERN

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