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4. Video/ VoIP

The PERN National Video Conferencing Service provides PERN connected Institutions with access to Cisco – Codian Multi Conferencing Units (MCUs) to support audio and video multi-point conference calls. A MCU system enables end users conversing via a phone or video to scale the participants beyond two to many as required for meetings or collaborations.


A most advanced Voice Communication Infrastructure has been deployed which providing Value Added Services (VAS), which include but not limited to, IP to IP call, IP to Analog calling, and analog to analog local extension within network. Infrastructure fully supported for education and research purpose VoIP traffic where organizations IP phones can be extended to multiple institutions nationwide interlinking the higher management of all public sector universities/ institutes, researchers, faculty members, librarians across the country.



5. Local Content Hosting (Cloud Services)

PERN provides members with myriad ways to leverage the network, including high performance and cost effective access to a range of content providers and web services.

National Data Center and Regional Data Centers at the Federal and Provincial capitals respectively have been established which provides hosted and managed services to the universities. HEC has recently deployed the first ever Private Cloud in public-sector at these Data Centers for providing both Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions to the PERN connected institutions. This Private Cloud is based on distributed architecture spanning over two Regional Data Centers of HEC in Karachi and Lahore.


6. Unified Communication


The Private Cloud technology as implemented is primarily aimed at providing Unified Communication solution including email services, office communicator (i. e. Lync2013 as being the latest Microsoft technology), desktop video conferencing, and SIP soft telephony services, to the faculty and staff of all public sector universities and administration of PERN connected institutions across the country. Users of PERN connected institutes are not only connected with their  institution colleagues but other Institutes’ colleagues as well. It is just like MSN/ Skype, the same way with better and rich features with populated organization users list, cross search, and point to multi point video conferencing – a feature which is only available in paid version of Skype.






In Addition to LYNC, universities will have access to “Higher Education Intellects Portal” which is social networking portal for PERN connected institutions intra and inter organization employee’s coordination, collaboration and team work.


Unified Communication Features:

1. User management by accessing own physical Servers with full control
2. All services hosted in Cloud thus reducing the chances of disaster
3. Data Protection – University data will be with them only as hosted in Pakistan
4. With the support and supervision of HEC system would be available 24 x 7 x 365 99.98 %.
5. No infrastructure required at University premises. Already build setup hosted at HEC
6. Integrated chat feature in web-based email to IM with peers
7. Up to 50 MB of attachment with 1 GB Mailbox and with the dynamic expansion of mailbox size (The cost and size will vary from plan to plan, and above allocated size it costs per 50/ 100 MB)
8. Access email on mobile / handheld device
9. Effective and customized search feature based on University requirement

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