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The PERN2 is focused on understanding national research and education technological requirements and offering services that meet their specific needs. In collaboration with the NRENs, PERN2 continues to develop public sector community focused, multi-domain services aimed at delivering seamless network performance across borders and domains, and to roll these out at national level to institutions, Libraries, R &D Organizations

1. Internet Services (Fastest Access to Information)


PERN   delivers high-capacity, low latency, zero contention links with 100% committed bandwidth (CIR) guaranteed which allow institutions to grow unparalleled in capacity. It is ideal for Internet, audio/ video communication – high-definition streaming, IP-TV, Sever hosting, remote server replication/ backup, e-commerce website applications/ portals, VPN – connecting multiple campuses across country, heavy-duty download services and other services that heavily relies on high-speed, high quality internet connectivity.


PERN internet Services is very reliable with huge bandwidth availability with connections to the Internet via multiple Tier 1 access providers at multiple access points. PERN has got the substantial capacity to deliver Gigabit speeds of dedicated Internet service to connecting institutions, whether connection is required up to 100MB or 1000MB, and even more. PERN provides the right infrastructure designed with multiple points of redundancy for High Availability. Implemented automatic failover technology guarantees 99.999% Internet uptime.


2. Intranet: Virtual Private LAN Service (Secure, Reliable Global Ethernet VPN Full-Mesh Solution)

PERN intranet service is one of the latest state of art IP connectivity based on Internet Protocol Virtual Private Networks (IP MPLS-VPN), which allows PERN connected institutions with locations spread out in Pakistan to connect and transfer data on a private and secure way over reliable robust network infrastructure.

MPLS IP-VPN delivers a flexible, customizable, any-to-any network that lets institutions to connect office headquarters, branches, distribution facilities, data centers and other locations, with ease. This converge all the existing business traffic, even latency-sensitive applications onto one network.

Services deliver enterprise-class metro and wide area network configurations over a private, secure infrastructure that is separate from the public network. PERN MPLS-based VPN portfolio, including IP VPN, VPLS, Layer 2 MPLS/ VPN and Layer 3 MPLS/ VPN services. PERN also offers flexible solutions that deliver reliable service performance and scalability, and allows users at multiple locations to communicate and collaborate over a fully meshed, private, secure network.

3. National Digital Library


The National Digital Library program provides researchers access to international scholarly literature based on electronic (online) delivery, providing access to high quality, peer-reviewed journals, databases and articles across a wide range of disciplines. The college students are going to be able to access e-Books across a wide range of disciplines. The Digital Library accessible via PERN2 has launched ebrary and McGraw Hill Collections to provide around 50,000 online books. The e-books support program will allow college students to access most of the important text and reference books electronically in a variety of subject areas.




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